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I teach piano, guitar, and bass guitar lessons for all ages and skill levels. Lessons are 30-45 minutes long and are tailored to the interests and abilities of each student. We can meet at my studio in Port Angeles (98362) or I will drive to you. Upon enrollment, each student gets a custom webpage where they can keep track of goals, watch custom lesson videos and download files. Most of my current students are beginners, but I have several advanced students as well. Read below for more details on my teaching methods. The first lesson is FREE when you sign up for the first month, so send me a call/text/email when you're ready to get started!  

@your home: $120/month
@my studio: $100/month
(4 lessons/month)

Most lessons focus on these three essentials:

1. Technique/warm-ups - It is important to develop control, speed and dexterity by practicing a variety of techniques at controlled speeds. Warming up before practicing helps develop muscle-memory and prevent fatigue.

2. Music Theory - Music theory explains the relationships between notes, chords and rhythms. Understanding music theory helps you catch on to patterns in songs more quickly and makes song writing a lot easier. Learning how songs are structured will help you write songs of your own and feel more comfortable improvising with other musicians.

3. Song Development - The main goal is to play songs that you love. Every week, we will work on songs that you are passionate about while keeping track of goals on your own personalized webpage. Each student's webpage is unique to them and will be gradually updated with mp3, video, and sheet music/tab downloads. 

Call/text Aaron : 503-871-9390