Aaron Cowan                              Ben Carson                             Mark Phillips                       Christopher Ghazel

Cascadia is a 4-piece ambient rock band based in Seattle, WA. The band formed in January, 2015 and released their debut album the following November. 

Aaron Cowan wrote the music and played most of the instruments on the album. The songs were written over the period of a decade and express the struggles and triumphs of life. He is inspired by music from all over the world and all through time. After writing 10 songs for a full length album, he decided to move to Seattle and search for musicians.

Ben Carson has been involved with a variety of music projects in the Seattle area and plays bass for the band. Aaron and Ben have played together in a few bands and have worked together in various music projects for over 10 years. Now they are combining efforts to put together a live show for Cascadia.

Mark Phillips was one of Aaron's first guitar students in the Seattle area and quickly became a friend. After discovering they shared the same musical interests, they decided to join forces and put their time and energy into the band. 

Christopher Ghazel connected with Aaron through a Facebook group for musicians and runs most of the recording sessions for the band. Christopher plays drums and runs Ghazel Productions in Seattle.

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